July 23rd – Peace, or Piece of Mind?

Those of small conflict, are not those of peace. There is a time for resisting. That of the enemy of men, but be aware of strife not of the enemy, but of the pride of men. Peace of loss is better than war won of pride. Forgiveness rules over the hardened heart. The life of he who promotes peace is a reflection of the Lamb. There will be a time for war, although fought by men, it shall not be [ultimately] against men. There are true forces of evil that desire destruction, and the Godly will oppose, along with the Lion [of the tribe of Judah] they will prevail. But war against your fellow man, even a brother, for reasons less than evil are not of your Lord. When man inflicts deeply on another, righteous anger can rise to bring justice and then again peace, but fear the short temper of a quarreler. He who wrestles with words for reason to conquer or control, to him is the life of a fool, and the rest of true peace will elude even his latest hour.  Resist evil, rise up to bring justice, but do not spew the acid of discontentment at the slightest annoyance. These are to be addressed in the peace of he who claims knowledge of the Prince of Peace, who follows His way. Evil is deserving of Godly wrath, but your neighbors will be won by peace. Blessed is he who brings it to them.

Matthew 5:9 (ESV) – Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Bottom Line: In every family, business, company, management board and almost every group of people, there can be those who become angry and cause dissension at the drop of a hat, then there are those who work for peace and agreement.  Some of us are wired to fight, to give others a piece of our mind, whether it is needed or not. Some are prone to peace, peace at all costs. Where do you draw the line? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit, “Is this a place to stand against wrong and injustice, or is this a time to be the peacemaker that the situation needs right now?” Scripture shows us great warriors and great peacemakers, both at the Lord’s leading. If you find that you are always arguing for trivial matters, or never arguing for important matters, it might be time to calibrate with some leading from the Lord, as the Lion and the Lamb.

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