August 7th – Breakfast of Champions

Understanding brings wisdom. Many read but do not reason. Many hear the Word, but do not listen to My voice within that Word. The work of the day calls, but there is silence in the soul that receives not its nourishment. Come to Me before your work. Give to me this honor, that I might be first above those of the earth. My Word gives life. As My blood redeems the contrite of heart, so My Word gives light to the steps of the day. Read carefully My precepts, for their application is yours. My voice in the dawn gives wisdom to the noon. My reign does not end in the time allotted to worship, but extends to the rush and weight of life lived by all. Seek me for understanding in the depth of My provided Word, and then deeper from My Spirit within. Early in the morning I bring you to green pastures. I know the way to still waters. Follow Me in the new day that My light would spring ahead of you, as manna for the day.

Mark 1:35 (ESV) – And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.

Bottom Line: With each new day there is an opportunity to have a great day. It may be an accomplishment, sale, or a compliment from a boss or customer for a job well done, that makes our work enjoyable and rewarding. As Christians, we are reminded that God is interested, and greatly involved in our work day, and He wants us to start each of our days in His Word, discussing that Word with His Holy Spirit. When we do this, our work and life is blessed in a way that only God can do. Give Him the start of your day, and see what He gives you!

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