August 20th – Why So Much?

The work of your hands is so you may have means to give. True work of the Father is that done for others. Much has been given, but not as you suppose. My hand blesses that it would be spread to the nations. Outward is the love of the Father, and outward again its provision from you. The owner of the vineyard consumes not all his grapes, nor holds his crop from the press. Profit may come from the vineyard, but only after its product is in the hands of those for which it was intended. You have been given a great field. Among it there grows much grain, given first that others may eat, then in the giving, yourself. Others of My workers have no field, and their work is labor unseen. These need, and through your field they are to be fed that they may continue the great work for which I have sent them. Hold back not the portion of generosity. What matters little to you in the storehouse, brings strength to those called to give what they do not have. It is for others first you are blessed, not that your stomach would be forever full. Seek them who bring My Name to the nations. Support those who feed My sheep. You are overflowing for their sake.

3 John 8 (ESV) –  Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.

Bottom Line: Jesus said we should thank God our Father for His daily bread. This daily bread is given to most of us through our work.  We really do have more than enough, but our culture says we should desire more. The Word says something different. We are blessed to be a blessing, and if we miss that fact, we miss out on truly living God’s way. Many have dedicated their lives to the Great Commission, giving up the life of comfort and security to do so. Many could use some of our blessings; it is why we have been blessed with so much.

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