September 1st – Come In Peace

Strife is the breeding ground of hatred. Do not allow what can be barred to become the common king. Do not answer with disrespect, tearing again at the soul, for raising the matter again is not in the betterment of others, but only in the satisfaction of reflecting back again the pain. Those who bicker and repeat to memory the offense, grow a garden of thickets that feeds nothing, and entangles those who tread its path. My Spirit I give you, allows the gift of great counsel to one another. Bring these words, and healing will flow instead opening again the wound. Forgive and give grace, and encourage those repeating their strife, that the way of escape is not the biting circle, but in the following of the heart lead by God. Avoid those who find joy in conflict. If there is no escape, bring words of encouragement, and leave no others. Do not enter the strife, and be My mediator to those who have none.

James 3:18 (ESV) – And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

Bottom Line: We live in a time where strife and argument can break out in an instant. Political affiliations, as well as personal beliefs, can create the environment for emotions to run untamed. We may have strong convictions, but we are not to enter into strife.  We are not called to relinquish what we believe, but our commitment to loving our fellow man cannot be thrown to the side. We have the tough job of not only expressing the truth, but doing it without disrespecting the other person, in fact, loving them. If we are in a place where strife is rampant, it is our job to try and bring His peace. The workplace is one of the most common places where these heated discussions take place; bring the light of truth, but bring it in His peace.

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