October 17th – Walk His Way

How shall you know Me? Those who seek knowledge gain. Those who seek not, stumble onto wisdom, but may see it not for the misstep. Those who seek My Word, find He who is the Word. Those who follow the wisdom of man, find that which is only man, and fall blindly with the author. He who calls himself My follower, must also follow. The promise to follow is not the journey, for in the following comes the knowing in the unknown, the seeking. The ways of the Father are not the ways of the follower. The path chosen is not one of man’s favor, but of He who set out time and place, and needs not the journey. The leading is only for the follower, and the path, that he gain knowledge of He who leads. Man seeks the end and triumph, but the way of the Father is the lesson, and the end cannot come easily. For if in the end there is no knowledge of the will and way of God, then there is loss, even of he who claimed following, remaining lost in man’s empty triumph until the end. You are not called to be one of these. Know the Father, by He whom the Father has sent to lead – My Spirit who will show you both path and purpose, obstacle and faith, upon a road traveled by few, that My footsteps and voice be known, drawn close on the Way.

Deuteronomy 13:4 (ESV) – You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear him and keep his commandments and obey his voice, and you shall serve him and hold fast to him.

Bottom Line: As Christians we are hard workers and have been gifted with talents and skills to be successful at what we do. We are also, by virtue of being called a Christian, followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have responded to the calling of the Father to be followers of He who died for our reconciliation, and gave us His Spirit and Word to know Him and follow Him successfully.  To that end, He has fashioned a very unique path for each of us, but each path has one thing in common. They are all designed so that we will need to seek Him, follow His lead, and by the end, know Him far better than when we first began our journey. Remember, stop and ask directions. You are a follower, not the leader.

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