October 28th – Bigger Than You Think

Many who call My Name, claiming fully My lordship, know not of the power of whom they call. My own learn slowly of He who is holy. They begin with the child’s understanding. The call of the Father is answered, but not until the seeking journey do they see the Truth of their call. The enemy has blurred the clear. The world has called small the greatness of God, determined to raise higher the things of the earth, and those who rule over its treasure. Man reduces, that his presence would seem large. Seek My Word, that you would know My face. Call to Me in prayer that you would know My voice. I AM Alpha and Omega, and whom you call through Me is greater than you contemplate. I give My Spirit that you would find hunger, and with it, the greatness of the God in whom you serve. Do not believe as the world, I AM not reduced for the lies of the enemy, and My majesty is not diminished as the earth’s treasures are gained of man. For all that reduces the Eternal today, will be reduced to nothing in eternity. In those days, the great of the Lord will stand, for they will know fully their God. He who follows Me as the Christ seeks after the greatness of the Father, even still beyond his grasp. It is he, with a heart hungry, who will be blessed abundantly and will know truly the great Father in whom he summons. In My Name they will call, and they will come, and they will know, for the Kingdom will be theirs.

Isaiah 55:6 (ESV) – “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.”

Bottom Line: In the world of business, we strive to know the customers we serve. The better we know them, the better we can serve them. We do not fully grasp the triune God we serve. Even after decades of church sermons and bible study, we can fall very short in our understanding of the great God who calls us His children. The way to get to know Him, is the same way we get to know anyone, by intentionally spending time with them. Regular appointments with important people, allow us to know those important people. When we do this with God, the bible calls this “seeking” after God. We cannot be content with just reading the bible, or even knowing the bible, we have to strive for knowing the Author of the bible – the Word Himself, the author of all of creation and our life. Call to Him, seek Him and you will begin to know the true majesty of the great God you call Father.

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