January 3rd – Speak Life

I bring you to them, and they to you. My people, creations each, many lost to My voice, but they hear you speak. With a God-given voice and breath you speak to them. They long for value, great value already theirs, but lost in a world without the mind of He who brought them to life. You will speak to them today, touch them today. Will they hear Me or only the noise of the workplace? Will they be edified or only used for the next step in the process? Speak more than what is necessary for work, but what is necessary for life and growth in a life that needs My growth. You are there for Me, and I am with you for them. Drown not in the details of the day, for forgotten will be the day, but My words through you will not be forgotten – eternal words injected in the temporal, infinite worth in a declining culture. Give My ascension in every ear that struggles. Lift from the grave as I lift. I am the Word, and you possess many that have given life to you; give life as you have received.

I Thes. 5:11 (ESV) – Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Bottom Line: Take the time to encourage those who work with you. Your words are powerful instruments of God. To speak words of truth and wisdom could help someone who is need of hope. Maybe they have a difficult decision to make, have experienced a loss, or have given up on life itself. Who will you see today that needs an uplifting word through you?

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